Smarty Pet Disposable Pet Diapers for Dogs & Puppies (Large, 470mm X 320mm, 12 pcs)


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Great for puppies and ideal for all dogs. Comfortable fit and adjustable elastic tale hole .
Double-decked against leakage soft thickening back sheet.
Soft refreshing non woven surface super absorbency layer.
Prevent odors, lock in moisture.
Perfect for female dogs that are house training or experiencing excitable urination, incontinence, are in heat, or are travelling with their favorite humans. These Disposable Diapers with leak-proof fit will give you the peace of mind no matter where you go.
You don’t have to compromise on your female dog’s happiness or live with the constant burden of your dog’s incontinence. Simple solution disposable dog diapers protect your home and give you peace of mind. Fur-friendly fasteners, leak-proof barriers, and a super absorbent core mean comfort for your pet and no pee on the floor. And they are made to fit.


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