Smarty Pet Paws Plastic Dog Cage with Removable Tray (Blue, 36-inch)


Good for pug and similar small breeds
Dog cage rabbit cage blue dog cage dog cage
Colour: Blue
As every pet owner knows certain times and situations require that you safely contain your pet. As soon as you bring a new pet home he needs to have a place of his own to relax and feel secure. Metal cages and plastic crates are often used for this purpose. They can provide your pet with a “den” of his own to provide him comfort. Features o High quality Paint on iron to protect from Rain and Sunlight o Foldable and easy to carry o Removable Plastic Tray at the bottom for easy cleaning o Ideal for Small Dog breeds Size o L61 X W43 X B50 Centimeter L24 X W17 X 20 Inches Material o Spray paint on Iron o Blue Color


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