Smarty Pet Yaowo Dog’s Rawhide Roll Stix for Dogs & Puppies – 5 Inch, 220GM


Harmonous Growth, Promotes Strong Bones & Joints also Promotes Healthy Teeths by preventing tartar build up
Your lovable pet will love these Chew Stick because of its best taste. This is a healthy snack, Use as a supplement to feed that meets your dog’s daily requirements. Not for human consumption.
Remember to feed the dog under your guidance and guarantee that the dog should always have access to plenty of fresh water. It also presents a healthy way in which the puppy may engage its urge to chew.
*Increases Stamina & Facilitates The Growth of Blood Cells,
Easy on the digestive system, this helps to provide general well being to the puppy through its nutritional composition. This is Ideal Dog Treat For All Age of Dogs & All Breeds.
Dog Treats are high in protein that helps to increase stamina & growth of blood cells. In general, these braided dog treat are braided treat for treat time and snacking or as the reward for pet dogs. Likewise, this is smaller sized braided treat for all breeds dogs. Similarly, this braided dog treat are also to improve the strength of bones and teeth. Hence, this braided dog treat are best for the heart of the dog and helps to reduce cholesterol. Gnawlers braided dog treat in contains cereals, Vitamin E and Potassium Sorbate.


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